10 through 20, pretty please? :D

that’s 10 whole questions… I ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE

How tall am I

5 feet and 4 inches.. also i’m not going to get much taller than this (oh god i’m so small)

What do I miss

being taller than other kids my age„

What time was I born

around 6pm, i think?

Favourite color

oh god i can’t decide between red and blue

Do I have a crush

yes… on my GIRLFRIEND

Favourite quote


Favourite place

well, i really like solitary walks in the woods!

Favourite food

chicken tenders with honey mustard? oh! i also like chocolate ice cream! and fried chicken!

Do I use sarcasm

no, i would never!

What am I listening to right now


First thing I notice in new person

whether they’re taller than me or not

lyrics: #thehelmsmanshelmet